Saturday, December 1

Who went and made Frits Bolkestein an EU Commissioner?

I nearly choked on my morning cuppa tea when I read this letter from Frits Bolkestein in the FT. For those who do not know, this chap was a EU commissioner from 1999-2004. And he is, if I might be very impolite, rather anti-Muslim. His visceral antipathy towards the admission of Turkey is well known. But read the full letter here:

From Mr Frits Bolkestein.

Sir, The most important argument against Turkey's accession to the European Union is that it will lead to that of Ukraine, in the wake of which will come Belarus and Moldova, perhaps even Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Together with the countries of the western Balkans this would result in an EU of more than 40 member states. The EU would be fatally diluted. It would be little more than a free-trade area, if that.

Two countries have always militated in favour of the accession of Turkey: the US and the UK. The US takes this position for reasons of geopolitics, even though the Turks have not exactly been helpful in the US-led war against Iraq. Mexico joining the US may well be compared with Turkey joining the EU. The US is now building a wall to keep out unwanted Mexican immigrants.

Why is the UK so enthusiastic about Turkey's accession? Cynics say: “Because it wants to dilute the EU, which it has never liked.” Is this allegation true or is it slander?

Now we know the answer. On November 15 David Miliband, the UK foreign secretary, gave a speech at the fateful place of Bruges, Belgium. It was on Europe in the year 2030. Mr Miliband's priority was enlargement. He wanted to take the European Neighbourhood Policy, which now concerns only non-members, a step further.

He said: "We must clearly state that participation [in the ENP] is not an alternative to membership or a waiting room." For good measure he went on to say: "The goal must be a multilateral free trade zone ... that could gradually bring the countries of the Maghreb, the Middle East and eastern Europe in line with the single market, not as an alternative to membership but potentially as a step towards it (emphasis added).

The mind boggles. Somebody once said that Britain had neither permanent friends nor permanent enemies, only permanent interests. Mr Miliband has now told us that it is in the permanent interest of the UK fatally to dilute the European Union.

Frits Bolkestein,
Member of the European Commission 1999-2004

Now why on earth would he moan about a fatal dilution when the original EU has grown from the original 6 members to the current 27. Now you see why I say that the European Elite are anti-Muslim? or anti Turkey at the least? It is primarily due to the fright of letting such a large Muslim population inside the boundaries that is causing them heeby jeebies.

Given the current challenges with Muslim minorities in almost every country (UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark - all explored here on this blog), I am not surprised that European Elites are now worried sick at the thought of committing what i would call as immigration led religious and cultural hara kiri. The normally passive European population will rise up, but typically, they are blaming the British for asking the Turks to get in!, what intellectual dishonesty!

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