Sunday, November 25

Islamists in Boring Belgium - worrying!

Very troubling post here, which is a review of a book. I quote:

Undercover in Klein-Marokko, Achter De Gesloten Deuren Van De Radicale Islam (Undercover in Little Morocco, behind the closed doors of radical Islam) by Hind Fraihi.

Fraihi went searching for radical Islam in the Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek.  She found it, but her book left me with many questions.  After all, she also found radical Islam in much more unlikely places.  Like other books on the subject, she finds that the unemployed, disenfranchised youth are the easiest prey for radical preachers and jihad recruiters, but she also finds that there are many well-off youth who become radicalized.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Belgium is boring indeed.
I live here and i am afraid even a majort terrorist attack wouldn't wake us out of the coma of lameness.