Monday, November 26

Now the Catholic Church is moaning about another film!

First of all, the name itself is silly, The Catholic Secular Forum. What on earth is Catholic Secular Forum? It is like saying Muslim Secular Forum or a Hindu Secular Forum. I presume it means Catholics who are Secular, yes? So why on earth would you complain about Shekhar Kapur's Elizabeth I movie? I quote:

MUMBAI (ICNS): The Catholic Secular Forum has condemned Shekhar Kapur's magnum opus movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age, for its anti-Catholic stance, criticised as such world-wide by film critics.

The Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) Mumbai-based, activist community NGO said the sequel is a misinterpretation of history and presents the Pope, the Jesuits and loyal Roman Catholics in bad light. The CSF, an independent Christian laity and clergy partnership initiative has held successful protests in the past against Hollywood  and Bollywood movies such as Da Vinci Code, Tickle My Funny Bone, Sacred Evil, Sins among others.

So it is quite clear that these Catholics have no idea about liberal principles of free speech. But that's fine, not that they know anything about Secularism either. Mind you, they don't seem to know much about Catholicism either (given the fact that they do not know much about the history of dissent and debate in Catholicism), but that's fine, it is clear that they are medieval ignoramuses.

Look at the reasons that they have given and laugh at them. Mocking is bad. Demonising is bad. So I presume that demonising idol worship is bad as well, by that account? Oh! I am sorry, it is only bad when somebody demonises the Catholic Church, but its perfectly all right when the Catholic Church demonises other religions. Yes?

Number 2 is not clear as to what is the problem. Nor is Number 3. Nor is number 4. It is also not clear what they are moaning about in Number 5. And number 6 seems to be complaining about Mr. Kapur making money. I think these idiots need to be told that it is a MOVIE. It is NOT a DOCUMENTARY. But given their sheer ignorance and illiberality, I rather doubt that these sad gits will know the difference. But hey, they are fun to watch, no? I just wish we can throw peanuts at them :P And before I forget, yes, it is their right to protest. And it is my right to call them illiberal and ignorant! happy? :)

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