Monday, November 26

Secularism means not to appeal to religious authority!

Here's an example of muddled thinking and frankly silly comments. So Tasleema Nasreen is being prosecuted in Secular India based upon some comments she made. So bloody what? So some of the Indian Muslims are getting all excited and rioting! What stupidity. But more stupidity is this kind of statement:

The recent agitation in Kolkata demanding that the visa of Taslima Nasreen should be invoked and that she should be asked to leave the country is most unfortunate. Ms. Nasreen has applied for Indian citizenship, and in accordance with the ruling of the Supreme Court, no person can be denied permission to reside while the application for citizenship is pending. Ms. Nasreen has been residing in Kolkata for sometime and felt at home. Ms. Nasreen is a South Asian. Universal Brotherhood and Human rights being our civilizational values, we should allow Ms. Nasreen to permanently reside in India in accordance with Indian law.

A small section of Muslims is agitated that Ms. Nasreen has authored books with text derogatory to Islam while she was in Bangladesh. We recall the story of a Jewish woman who always threw rubbish on Prophet Mohammed whenever he passed her house. When she didn't one day, Prophet Mohammed inquired why she didn't and learnt that she was not well. Prophet went to inquire about her health and wish her well. We note that many Muslim religious leaders had condemned the attack on Ms. Nasreen in Hyderabad.

We, the undersigned, call upon the West Bengal Government to do everything to see that Ms. Nasreen can reside peacefully. The statement of the Chairperson of the Left Front in West Bengal stating that if there was any law and order problem, Ms. Nasreen could be asked to leave her residence in Kolkata is also very unfortunate. We also appeal to the Prime Minister of India to take speedy steps to grant her Overseas Citizenship by virtue of which she will have life time Indian Visa. Stree Sanman is our basic civilazational value.

B.A. Desai,
Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court of India and former Additional Solicitor General of India

Dr.Ram Puniyani,
All India Secular Forum.

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What these blessed secularists do not understand is that you should never appeal to religious sentiments to back up secularism. Mr. Engineer, Punijani and Desai should clearly say, listen, you medieval obscurantists, shut the bloody hell up, join the modern age and understand freedom of religion and speech. That means you appeal to their humanism and reason, not to their medieval thinking!

But these three worthies fell into the same trap. So who on earth will call them secular? What's the difference between them and a mullah talking rot about freedom of speech? Certainly not me, they are religious people as well and driving public policy and recommendations based upon religion.

Confused thinking or what?

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!


Ember said...

You're completely missing the point here. India, like many eastern countries is a deeply religious society from bottom to top. This is a very cleverly written statement that seeks to calm the outraged sentiments. This is called diplomacy.

If you would say something like, ''shut the bloody heLl up you medieval tribalistic religious morons'' not only it will have the opposite effect but you also run the risk of being dragged into the streets and lynched. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

As a reference in the New Testament Apostle Paul appeals to the same kind of religious sentiments in order to protect the life of a runaway slave. That is in the book of Philemon.

Anonymous said...

Sexist statement, as usual - universal 'Brotherhood' (and what happens to the millions of sisters?) and of course a 'Jewish woman' transgressing against a 'male Prophet, something that has clear political overtones too!!