Tuesday, November 27

Justice, Saudi Style

Check out this blogpost on how the Saudi Judges are reacting on the Saudi Qatif Raped Girl case which is roiling the world. This is Sharia, I presume? And I presume they would know what it is since its the birthplace of Islam, the custodian of the holy mosques sits there and they are propagating exactly this Sharia and its knowledge across the world.

We know quite a lot of Saudi funded mosques are in various countries of the world. We also know that many countries are demanding Sharia to be used for personal law. Now, I wonder if this means that this kind of Saudi Justice could be seen in places ranging from UK to India to Canad? I dont know, but who knows? How will this square with the European Court of Justice?

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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