Monday, November 26

USA pressing the UK to expose BAE - Saudi Corruption

Yeaaahhhhh!, great news, USA is pressing the UK to expose the corrupt dealings between BAE and Saudi Arabia. Wonderful news. We need more of this kind of transparency. And no, it is not for jobs, we dont want jobs on the basis of feeding corrupt princes who in turn are ruling and funding jihadi's. Disgusting.

They take our money on oil, then they take our money for jobs and then they buy our stufff and dont pay for it. It is a flaming joke that our Government has reduced us to. How on earth can they sleep at night knowing that they are willingly protecting a thief? Or are they into the scam as well? Quite possible, what on earth can be the reason specially since the "national security" reason has been well proven to be utterly rot in this blog and elsewhere?

Read and fume!

I quote:

US corruption investigators have gone behind the back of Downing Street to fly a British witness to Washington to testify about Saudi arms deals with the UK arms firm BAE Systems, the Guardian can disclose. In a hitherto secret move, Swiss federal prosecutors have also agreed to hand over to Washington financial records linked to the Saudi royal family.
The US is seeking - but has so far been refused - more than a million pages of documents seized from BAE, its bankers, Lloyds TSB, and the Ministry of Defence during an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office.

Prince Bandar, the former Saudi ambassador to the US, who says there was no impropriety about a £1bn payment he received for brokering arms deals with BAE, has hired a former head of the FBI and a retired British high court judge to defend his position. The British government has been attempting to block all investigations into payments from BAE to members of the Saudi regime.
British ministers are refusing to grant a six-month-old official request from the US department of justice for mutual legal assistance, in defiance of the UK's anti-bribery treaty obligations. This follows the suppression of Britain's own Serious Fraud Office investigation, which was abandoned last year on the grounds that the inquiry might jeopardise national security. The move, following Tony Blair's intervention, infuriated anti-corruption campaigners.
There was further uproar when the Guardian published the SFO's findings - that £1bn had been paid to Bandar with UK government acquiescence, and another £1bn had been sent to Switzerland to agents acting for other Saudi royals. Bandar, who was also presented with a new Airbus jet by BAE, does not deny receiving the money, but says it was for authorised purposes.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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