Monday, January 28

Another Beslan in the making?

See? I told you that terrorists are cannibals, they devour their own. Remember Beslan? They kill their own, they eat their own. They are like animals.

See this story. I quote:

PESHAWAR: Islamic militants armed with rocket launchers took around 250 children hostage at a school in northwest Pakistan on Monday following a shoot-out with police, officials said.

And this

Militants in northwest Pakistan have increasingly resorted to kidnappings and hostage-takings to press their demands for Islamic Sharia law and an end to military operations in the region.

Tell me where in sharia it is written that you can take children hostage? you blithering idiots? you are enjoined to not even harm a tree, forget about a human life. You subhuman imbeciles.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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