Saturday, February 2

Israel actually won the Lebanon War

Martin van Creveld is an impressive historian. I really like his work. And I was quite interested to read his latest missive. He echoed something that I have been saying before (and TBS got very excited about it as well!!!). That Israel actually won the Lebanon War. You see, there is no way that Hezbollah will try to pull another stunt like it tried to do before Israel thumped it very hard. It is reduced to pulling more silly stunts such as keeping Israeli body parts. Now that just simply tells me and rest of the world that he is seriously mentally deranged. So where does the Hezbollah go? Nowhere, I am afraid. And those who think that Nasrallah and Hezbollah won, erm, just one question, what did they win? Nothing, and in turn, were thumped to kingdom come. But read Martin's column and ponder.

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Anonymous said...

wrong. Hezbollah won. It is all in how you define 'victory.' For Hezbollah survival is victory because Israel's aim was to totally destroy their institutional infrastructure, and it failed to do so. Furthermore, Israel actually managed to give Hezbollah (more for Lebanon) international sympathy. Israel can also never do that again, lest it be labeled "a state sponsor of terrorism."