Tuesday, January 29

The ongoing clownish saga of Sister Yvonne

She is so amusing, never a dull moment with her. Check this out. I quote:

She told a London tribunal relations with channel boss Mohammed Ali - who she claimed thought gay people should be "thrown off tall buildings" - got so bad he deliberately set out to trash her reputation by claiming he had seen her kissing and shaking hands with men.

Remember this episode? I was near crying with laughter.

She said she next incurred Mr Ali's wrath because she had called for tolerance of homosexuals and had interviewed Shia Iraqis for the show.

Say what? Sister Yvonne, do you realise what you are saying? Tolerate homosexuals? astaghfirullah, heheheheh.

But this bit was the best.

Later, in December 2006, she allegedly upset her boss again during a trip to cover the hajj pilgrimage because she had moved out of a "cramped" shared room with Mr Ali's wife, where Mrs Ali was washing her husband's underwear. Then at a function she refused to shake the prince's hand.

What was the connection between the shaking and the prince's hand and the underwear? Very worrisome.

Never a dull moment, I tell you!

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