Tuesday, January 29

Gulf Arabs are lazy and will get drowned in the Asian Tsunami

A great post here. Read it fully. Mind you, something that the author has not considered is the fact that the fertility rates across the Arab lands is dropping dramatically, with certain countries such as Tunisia now approaching European levels. In other words, the fertility is below replacement rate and other things being equal, the Arabs will disappear in due course of time (to be replaced by??). So keep the women in ignorance and have a high birth rate. Educate them and watch the generations squish down.

I quote:

Al-Jamri suggests that foreign labour we customarily have and as their visas suggest, should not be classified as temporary due to their semi-permanence in our communities. He contends that what we really have is full-scale emigration. And this, denotes the possibility of them soon demanding their human and political rights. Whether we like it or not, international conventions give them those rights. After all, quite a lot of them have already surpassed the requirements to gain the citizenship in the country they chose to work in even by using local constitutions and laws. […] As Al-Jamri suggests, it is not too far fetched to have India exerting its major power in our countries by proxy. It will apply inordinate political and cultural influence by virtue of the millions of its citizens gaining citizenships, or even just continuing to live and work in our countries without any measure of control and without investing in the local population’s education and rehabilitation. Al-Jamri suggests that India’s political influence might well develop into making our countries a part of a “Commonwealth of India” soon, as its former citizens will gain positions of responsibility in both private and public sectors, even rising to ministerial positions within the Cabinet.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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