Thursday, January 31

Would you work in France?

This made me laugh! Some quotes:

A redundant French banker explains why he plans to do everything in his power not to go back home.
Of course, public services are great in France: trains are on time, some have even been travelling at 300kph since 1981; and when you go to a hospital there is always a doctor who seems to be interested in your case. The downside is that those public services are a real weight on the economy. I couldn’t bear the thought that I’d have to work until the age of 67 before being able to retire, whilst a bus driver can retire as early as 50, courtesy of the private sector pension funds which the government raids to subsidise public services’ pension funds that are in deficit.........

Retrospectively, I realise that I actually dislike the French approach to work. In France, I used to have to stay late in the office even when I had little to do, as it was frowned upon to leave early.............

They tend always to judge people according to where they studied, not their professional skills....................

It is with some delectation, therefore, that I observe from London the unfolding of the SocGen crisis and the French conspiracy theories. The last time I spent so much time reading French websites was when Zidane lost it in the final of the World Cup. It took me two months to recover from the blow. The fact that I was surrounded by three Italians who liked rubbing it in did not help.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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