Thursday, January 31

The Arab obsession with Palestine

Make that all Muslims. It is this incessant whining and hypocritical moaning that just makes me tune off. I am also a refugee's son and know loads of them. If the world operated on whine power, then the Palestinian and Muslim/Arab reaction could power the world for the rest of the Earth's life.
Read this and wonder. I quote:

when fellow Arabs are racist against Palestinians, I don’t see anyone being revolted by it.......

Why didn’t people rally for justice and peace in Darfur when the situation was far worse and many more lives were at stake?
Why didn’t people rally for coexistence with religious minorities, who are often wronged in our societies?
Why didn’t people rally for ethnic minorities and abused foreign workers, who are taken advantage of and enslaved by the millions?
Why aren’t people outspoken about honour crimes in Muslim societies?
Why only Palestine?.....

Please remind me, how many rallies took place in defense of innocent Darfurians? How many newspapers demanded action and justice against honour crimes? How many news networks revealed what the Baha’is are suffering through in many of our countries? How many people cared enough to focus on foreign workers in an attempt to abolish the widespread slavery in the Gulf? How many people in this region cared to network with Afghans who come from a country where many people are without electricity, an education, basic rights, an opportunity to communicate with the world, where the life expectancy is below 40?
How many people stood up and echoed the voices of the voiceless? Must one obsess with Palestine in order to be taken seriously?

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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