Friday, February 1

Hapless Station Boys in Bhopal

I read this story and was very moved by what was happening. Orphans or boys who have run away from abusive homes, or what have you, living literally like animals, in Bhopal Railway Station, now have a place to live, a bit of vocational education, warm clothes and what have you.

So I called Ma yesterday and she dug into this situation deeper. It is quite creditable that the local state government helped to launch this little organisation which helps these boys. Previously, they used to do drug abuse, drink and smoke. We are talking young boys!, but after providing them with food, clothing, shelter, they have respect. These boys want to get trained as mechanics and want to open scooter and car repair shops. What wonderful news.

I am trying to do my little bit from here with Ma helping out. But I will be following their progress closely over the next few years and will keep on reporting.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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