Friday, February 1

Schools Minister is an incompetent buffoon

What is this? why is our nation's schools and school children in the hands of this buffon? I have spoken about this twit before on these pages. It is spectacularly amazing how silly he looks when he makes silly sod comments like this.

This was the result:
Nearly nine out of 10 working class white boys fail to achieve five good grades in their GCSEs, Government figures have shown. Only 15% scored A*-C grades in five subjects including maths and English last year, compared to 45% of white boys from more affluent homes.

What does he say?
Ministers insisted they were making "good progress" in narrowing the gap between affluent and poorer pupils.

Good progress? Erm, how on earth is he measuring progress? I suppose throwing another straw at a drowning man can be called as progress. This man is a danger to all of us and our children. Gordon Brown should remove him and put in somebody competent instead of this twit who cannot deliver and talks stupid.

Then he says:

“Whatever the carping from the usual doom mongers, that means 470,000 more young people since 1997 have got a better start in life. Every one of those results is a personal success story.

Yes, but that's due to normal population growth, you moron. Even if nobody did anything, in the next 10 years, 500,0000 more people will have better degrees, simply because the population is growing! What did YOU do? Sweet FA.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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