Wednesday, April 30

Chancellor talking to companies about tax code

Praise where praise is due, the Chancellor has realised that he has basically violated some key precepts of tax policy, specially on the simplicity and consistency bit. This is the reason why firms are slowly heading for the exit. But given the fact that he has realised that labour taxation (both personal and corporate) policy is now frankly not fit for purpose, he has started to talk about it.

Will something happen? lets see. I have to be blunt, I cannot see what the Chancellor can do, his hands are tied by the frankly silly mismanagement of the economy by the previous Chancellor, we are on track to spend more, and earn less, and that will hurt everybody. Its just too bad that the current Chancellor will have to carry the can while the Prime Minister buggers around with cannabis.

I was speaking to the limo driver yesterday morning on the way to the airport and he said that the communications fellow for Gordon Brown earns more than Gordon Brown. I replied, I am not surprised, the job of managing Gordon Brown is more difficult than managing the country.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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