Saturday, May 3

India helping Afghanistan improve

How creditable of India to do this, basic reconstruction and helping Afghans in their quest for electricity and energy, which can be used for powering schools. Oh! sorry, the Taliban dont like schools and the OIC moans about Palestine. Clowns.

I quote:

India will begin its heaviest airlifting operations Sunday to transport five mega transformers to Kabul as part of its attempt to provide electricity to the Afghan capital.

The air route is being preferred over sea and land to avoid delays and to minimise the risk of the transformers becoming targets of the rejuvenated Taliban militants in Afghanistan.

Much of the power transmission work India is doing is being carried out in a hostile terrain amid freezing temperatures. In addition, Indian engineers and workers have often been the target of the Taliban militants.

Since Pakistan does not allow India access to Afghanistan through its territory, most Indian goods are sent through ship to Bandar Abbas port in Iran. From there, the goods and materials go to Afghanistan in trucks.

The option of using this route to transport the transformers was ruled out by India because the heavy equipment would make the movement by road extremely slow, delaying the project.

Again, good work there, chaps, and thanks for all the help, the rest of you.

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