Monday, April 28

Israeli attack kills four children of Palestinian family

What the hell is Israel doing? First it uses fletchette rounds for tank ammo and kills people and now it kills more children.

This is bizarre and frankly horrible.
Palestinian medics identified the dead children as sisters Rudina and Hana Abu
Meatik, aged six and three respectively, and their brothers, Saleh, four, and
Mousab, 15 months. The children's mother was in a critical condition.

One day this kind of event will really remove any kind of moral authority (if anything is left) that Israel have and that will really strip it of any kind of cover. They have been warned not to be stupid but if the American public turns against Israel (and it will if it is faced with a big event like Beslan), then its in trouble.

Talk to Hamas, Israel, talk to it, stop this stupidity and zero sum game, you cannot win and you cannot kill everybody.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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Mohib said...

Totally agree. Israel has not been able to achieve anything by boycotting Hamas. Jimmy Carter, fresh from a visit to the region, argued for talks too in today's NY Times.