Saturday, May 3

More thoughts on why Ken lost

I saw this link from Sunny's Page. I read this in the fullness and the comments as well. I have to admit that I did not read this before, seems to be published when I was travelling and in any case, had bigger issues (like the most gigantically complex PMI in the infrastructure world to manage, hehehehe) to worry about.

Well, my first impression is that each and every of these leaders have lost their senses. I am deeply and bitterly disappointed in them. And look at the great and good, even Tariq Ramadan has signed this. You know what I think of him and these other people did exactly the same mistake as Tariq did. This is a secular country and they played the religious card. What does that make them? confused and stupid at best and frankly Neanderthal and stupid at the worst.

And you know what? this perhaps represents the cream of British Muslim Society. And we are relying on these muppets to address the problems of British Muslim extremism? These chaps ARE part of the problem. One good thing is that Soumaya Ghannoushi is going to leave the city now that Boris is going to run the city, hehehehe. Oooooo, the fun times of promising something in print, she will never live it down, lol. I presume she will go and live in that liberal heartland of Saudi Arabia in the Nadz region? She got hauled over the coals in the comments. Poor girl. But a clear example of never letting facts get in the way of her opinions, hehehehe.

My second impression is, what on earth is Labour doing with a bunch of idiots like this supporting them? Do they not see the damage they have done? I mean, forget about the country and normal citizens, its very clear that their interests in that direction are near about zero. But look at the damage pandering to these religious buffoons and morons has done to the party, the party that ostensibly supports social liberalism is in bed with a bunch of reactionary right wing religious buffoons who do not understand modern life, liberalism nor secularism if it bit their nose. But they will not junk them, they will not clarify them, and they will go quietly into the night.

As for this group, get a clue, get a life and most importantly, get some good brain cells which can help you get some good PR help, spectacular own goals like this increase not decrease problems for us. No, election of Ken is NOT good for Londoners, so its good that he will piss off, I want a mayor of London, not a foreign minister of UK. He has done many good things, but no, enough is enough, pandering to minorities is wrong. But thankfully, these leaders are basically blowhards, let me quote a comment from the CiF page.

The Muslim Council of Britain has the highest approval rating of any Muslim organisation in Britain, and only 6% of Muslims though it represented their views. (It's telling that the MCB haven't endorsed this letter, evidently the shooting of Charles Demenez still rankles, and it's hard to argue that you are the "new Jews" if you are campaigning for the local Gauleiter)

In the same poll the Muslim Association of Britain managed a 1% rating. The rest of these outfits are political plankton that would struggle to be recognised through a microscope.

Indeed, many of them are the same small group people, a fact they've tried to disguise by using all their nameplates at once. The UK Islamic Mission (UKIM), Dawatul Islam, Islamic Society of Britain, and Islamic Forum Europe are the same thing - a little Maudidist clique (yeah, the theologian who argued it was Islamic to enslave and rape women).

The British Muslim Initiative refuses to detail its membership due to its small size, but Ismail Patel and Ghannoushi both write for it, yet appear here in separate capacities to try and inflate the numbers. IslamExpo is a creature of the Muslim Association of Britain and Ghannoushi is a former director or research for it.

The Cordoba Foundation has Anas Al Tikriti as its chief executive and apparently only member (its website is "relaunching" sometime never) who was formerly a leading light in the Muslim Association of Britain. Azzam Al Tamini's Institute of Islamic Political Thought is another one-man band, but it comes in handy when you need the appearance of numbers. Azzam is also an official spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain.

This is the problem, the media give these bunch of clown the oxygen of publicity, they dont do sweet sod all for the Muslim minority but they sure as hell as increase the Islamophobia coefficient in British Society. Oh! lets not forget that these groups, by and large, are howling bigots, specially against the gay and lesbian community. And they violated the charity commission's guidelines that any charity cannot take political positions.

I voted for Ken both times before. The first time because I wanted London to be out of the clutches of those pathologically centralising gits in Whitehall and Labour Party Headquarters. The second time, he spoke the language of improving the transport system. But this time? no, thank you. And guess what, Ken? It is such a telling that that a so called Buffoon got elected instead of you. What does that tell you about you, your policies, your supporters and the ordinary electorate? That a majority of voters actually felt not that good...

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