Wednesday, April 30

Freedom of information case opens up EU files

Hear hear. Finally we might hope for more clarity and transparency from that secretive undemocratic set of organisations which belong to the European Union. Spending, deliberations, minutes, agreements, reports, all are generally hidden away. After all, we are mushrooms. But this is a good step. I quote:


The European Union's secretive lawmaking will be opened to more public scrutiny under proposals to overhaul freedom-of-information laws due to be unveiled on Wednesday.

The European Commission wants to update its rules after losing a series of court cases last year when it refused to hand over documents to journalists, activists and companies.

The reworked regime would take account of this case law. Crucially, national governments would no longer have an automatic veto over the release of correspondence with EU bodies. The names of lobbyists who meet EU commissioners, parliamentarians and officials would also be disclosed routinely for the first time.

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