Tuesday, April 29

The curious story of Jesus Matzo

I was doing comfort shopping in Sainsbury's last weekend when I came across this stack of goods. I have to admit I was puzzled. Yehuda as the word stood for Christian or Jesus as that's what I have heard in my childhood. Matzo I knew was a Jewish bread similar to a Indian chapati.

The maker of this bread is Yehuda Matzo and the Matzo seems to be named after a gentleman called as Eliezer Ben Yehuda, one of the men who was mainly responsible for reviving a long dead language, Hebrew, into common usage. Read his wiki entry, fascinating story. How amazing, a single man fighting against all those odds, to resurrect a language long thought to be dead or extinct.

Curious how language becomes part of nationalism as we have seen in so many countries, whether in Tamil Nadu with Tamil, Wales with Welsh, Spanish versus English in USA.


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