Monday, April 28

Sikh Problems

I was sent this video link of an apparent fight between two Sikh groups in the UK. What was more interesting were the comments. Seems like there is an online fight between Sikhs who want to be with India, Sikhs who believe in their own homeland - Khalistan, Pakistani's and Indians. Very confused. More importantly, the language, holy moly, its is like a new language to me... Do read the comments, bloody funny and worrying at the same time. The knowledge of history is atrocious. Their behaviour sucks.....

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!


Sawant Mahal said...

Hey BD,

This happened quite a long time ago, and you're right it was bad behaviour by all persons. However the online "fight" you're talking about is just kids being kids. Most of the people on YouTube are youth, who have not as much intellectual understanding of their faiths let alone spiritual experience, and just like to argue "Sikhs this" "Muslims that" "Hindus this" all the time. In reality, the Khalistan issue is not a religious one but a humanitarian one. There are Hindus, Muslims and Christians who've been oppressed by India's government as well. Any case, you're right - take it with a grain of salt. Kids argue over American Idol videos on YouTube, they also argue over religion, politics, and the environment.

BD said...


just showing my age, my friend, getting too old to see this, but what worried me was the fact that this link was sent to me by a contact talking about how asian gangs are formed and link up to create fights...., so while its just arguments online, it flips into violence on the streets, I am afraid..