Wednesday, April 30

Legislation and Gordon Brown

I am absolutely gobsmacked at what Gordon Brown is planning now. Do you know what he is now asking for? He is asking for more legislative ideas. I quote:

Gordon Brown yesterday urged cabinet colleagues to come up with fresh legislative ideas to give his government new momentum, after what are expected to be dismal local election results tomorrow.

The party is losing so to recover it, he wants to go and put on more laws. Why? what on earth for?  See what these buggers (and I include those muppets in the Conservative camps as well) have done to us. I quote:

A new version of the definitive guide to every law in England has more than doubled in size to over 100 volumes since the last edition was published 20 years ago. Campaigners said the scale of the size increase of the latest edition of Halsbury's Laws of England shows that Britain is now one of the most overly regulated countries in the world.....

Mr Hetherington said he had to make room for 900 new Acts of Parliament and 30,000 extra pieces of legislation in the new edition.

Dont you see what you are doing to the country and society, Gordon Brown? (and learn from this, David Cameron), do not burden the country with all these laws. Where is the sunset of the laws? remove laws, set the people free, set the companies free. Why do you want to imprison all of us? Do you not like freedom? And your controlling tendency leads you to disaster, all the time. It is very clear that you are unable to learn, but this is rather worrying.

I voted for Boris. Not because what he was bringing to the city. Actually, the Mayor cant do much anyway because you, Gordon, have centralised too much into the government. But electing Boris will mean that it will push you to either learn or leave. It will mean that people no longer trust Labour. And frankly, I dont. I do not trust you at all. I do not trust my MP, even though he is doing good or not doing bad at least. That's why I have voted for conservative in my local city elections as well.

When the going gets tough, you either hide or you legislate. In both cases, what do I need you for a prime minister? Any muppet can hide or legislate. What's the new thing that you are bringing? And most importantly, you aren't listening to me. David Cameron at least is providing me with an impression that he listens.

And my second vote went to the Lib Dems. Not to Labour. You know why? not because what policies they provide. I think the LibDems are a bunch of the biggest illogical incoherent bunch of time wasters. But I put in the second vote for them because they were NOT labour. That's where you have landed, mate. And your solution is to put more laws on me? Great idea, that will really make me think well of you.

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