Monday, April 28

The country is screaming for help and Gordon bottles it again

Our economies are now finely balanced, demand and supply, just in time manufacturing, very long supply chains etc. etc. means that any interruption in the supply chain has very long lasting effects.

This strike by the workers in a refinery in Scotland is a case in point. They are striking over their pension rights. Ok, no problems, you can strike if you so wish, but at what cost? The estimate is that the country will be losing £50 million per DAY because of this strike and that's just direct costs, what about the indirect costs?

The industry is screaming for the government to take action and perhaps typically, this prime minister is sitting and doing sweet FA.

And to think I used to think that this man was competent. Pshaw, what a crock. And this isnt helping the other matter of Scottish independence either. The SNP can legitimately claim that Labour cannot be trusted with Pensions (they ruined the final salary scheme system in the UK when he became chancellor), cannot be trusted with the economy (not doing anything with the strike), not caring about ordinary motorists and citizens (rationing and shortages are already underway) and not caring about business (all the oil and gas companies in Scotland are furious)

Nice one, mate, nice one.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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