Saturday, May 3

Grand Hyatt Hotels are no longer fit to live in :(

I have recently moved jobs. Unfortunately, for this job, I will be travelling like an absolute idiot all over the world. Very interesting and tough job with loads of travelling (a travel blog perhaps?).


Few of my old cards, I have junked or thrown away an equal amount...

Sad, very sad.






Last time I was in such a travelling job, I collected so many hotel and airline cards that it was ridiculous, a clutch of gold, platinum, silver, blue, green cards were good, but then I realised, all that showed was that I was away from my kids and missed important days of them growing up. 

But in this job, have to travel again but I know which hotel chain to avoid now. The Hyatt hotel chain is pretty good, I have to admit, good rooms, good customer service, good frequent user programme and so on and so forth. But hey, no drinks, no stay. After a long day at work, you need a drink.

Oh! well, there are other hotels in Cairo but the image of fun loving enjoyable Cairo is slowly but steadily going down the tubes. Mind you, this is a perfect example of hypocritical thinking, stop drinking alcohol but I can find 1000's of other cases in a hotel which violate some interpretations of Sharia law, ranging from its financing to bathrooms to employment tribunals to banking, inheritance, and and and. But amusing, none the less.

And guess what? this will again blow up into a huge issue...

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Zara said...

Although I have never stayed in Hyatt hotels, I suppose that hotels of this class should give their customers the opportunity to drink, as a result, the more people complain about this problem, the quicker there will be a solution to it.