Monday, April 28

Protesters burn Indonesian mosque

More fault lines and more to worry about rising fanaticism.

Hundreds of protesters in Indonesia have set fire to a mosque belonging to
the minority Muslim Ahmadiyya sect......We heard the attackers chanting 'burn,
burn' and 'kill, kill'," Zaki Firdaus, one of the sect's members, told the
Associated Press news agency. "It was horrifying."

Would we now get statements from the MCB that these do not speak in the name of Islam? Or that Inayat B actually supports the right of these Ahmadiya folks to practise their religion as they wish? Or perhaps they will consider how their own religion is being practised here in the UK? And if you say that what happens in Indonesia has nothing to do with a Brit Muslim, tell that to yourself the next time you moan about Palestine or Brit Muslims are found blowing up Jews.

I very much doubt it and this is the reason why all these leaders are looked upon with jaundiced eyes.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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