Wednesday, October 17

Internet Sales Tax is wrong

As an economist, I am against the idea of taxes as a measure of government fund raising. Taxes are compulsory and you dont have a choice. What's wrong with raising money from the market? Justify your spending plans and if the population thinks it is worthwhile, then they will purchase the debt and that will be a much fairer price rather than this very blunt weapon called as Tax.

So I welcome US Secretaries Paulson and Gutierrez's call for a Permanent Extension of Internet Tax Moratorium. But very smartly and sneakily, they dont mention the above point but go on to say, "Preventing the taxation of Internet access and keeping the Internet free of multiple or discriminatory taxes will help sustain an environment for innovation, help ensure that consumers continue to have affordable access to the Internet, and strengthen the foundations of electronic commerce as a vital and growing part of our economy". All true as well!

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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