Sunday, October 14

The Swarm Theory

We spend countless hours on trying to figure out the best way to manage people and organisations but see here how ants manage. As the article says, by itself, ants are dumb, but when put together like a colony, you see intelligence. As the article mentions, a colony of half a million ants are able to live, learn and prosper without management as such.

This is not to say that we cannot use elements of this. Swarm theory is used in robotics (controlling small simple robots), in military planning (how would a swarm of mine clearing robots work?), in crowd control theory (ever wondered how quickly a huge stadium empties after a match?), in virus protection strategies, and in certain cases, for algorithmic trading (multiple pairs trading), for learning how to site slot machines on the huge gambling floors in the giant casino's, etc.. Many more examples are given in the article on how you can use this theory.

Fascinating stuff.

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