Monday, April 14

And why does the KSA need to know the religion and sect of its citizens?

See, this is what happens when the state gets involved in the religious affairs of its citizens. So, as this blog post says, why is the state asking for the religion and sect of the applicant? One thing which the Saudi blogger forgot was the non muslim citizens and guests of Saudi Arabia.

Quite understandable, non muslims are non saudi's. People from other faith's are in their hundreds and thousands in that country but they will never get their recognition, but anyway, here's why the Saudi's will always face a problem. Who defines what a Muslim is? The 3rd comment was brilliant and I am taking the liberty to quote it here:

“I would like to think that there no such thing as institutionalized
discrimination here”
Isn’t that very naive? How many Shi’ite army officers
are there in Saudi-Arabia? How about Shi’ite ambassadors, governors or
mayors?And how about Saudis who convert to other religions like Christianity?
There’s plenty of institutionalized discrimination in Saudi Arabia. Ask anyone
who has a red iqama in his pocket.

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All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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