Thursday, April 17

Kenya's cabinet 'soaks up 80pc of the budget'

In other words, to spend 20 pence, it requires 80 pence. But dont get excited, this kind of a skewed ratio is very common. I quote:

Of Kenya's annual budget of £5.4 billion, more than £4.3 billion will go on 93 ministers and their government's general running costs. Only £1.3 billion will be left for roads, schools and hospitals for Kenya's 38 million people.

This reminds me of a time when I was in school. A course called as Military Science was offered in our college. And I was quite puzzled, so I asked one of the chaps who was taking that course. What are you doing that course for? He said, well, because I can get a job in teaching Military Science. So when I asked him, so you are studying Military Science so that you can teach military science to students who are learning military science in order to teach military science.

Does anybody see anything wrong in that argument? Same with what my father told me about this Indian body for promotion of science and technology. All the budget was taken up by salaries. So what on earth and how on earth will the promote science and technology? You cannot travel, you cannot buy anything, you cannot pay even for electricity...


i only wish they had to justify their spending somehow, but too bad, they will never do that.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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