Thursday, April 17

British Destabilize Africa:Food Riots Spread as Hunger Deepens

Check out this Executive Intelligence Review. It says, "The energetic British attempts to create chaos and famine in Kenya and Zimbabwe in Africa, take place against a background of worldwide hyperinflationary food price increases and sudden food shortages, which are threatening both to kill large numbers of people, and to bring down governments in the Third World. The developing potential food crisis and famine arise from decades of British and Brussels attacks on national food self-sufficiency, and outright food scarcity policies masked as "agricultural free trade."

hehehe, funny, eh? its not for executives, its for feeble minded pond life, its not intelligence, it is some words strung together without attribution or analysis and sure as hell it is not reviewing anything, but its very funny! :) welcome to conspiracy theories. I think Mbeki is reading this site to get his daily intelligence updates!

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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