Monday, April 14

Work or Starve - the option facing child workers

I keep on talking about this issue. You cannot talk about child labour without looking at family earnings. If you remove the employment from the family, where are they going to get the money from to put food on the ground (there IS no table)? So if your shirt is made by child labour, then that is indeed good in many circumstances or its not bad in all circumstances as that money is helping feed himself and in many cases, their families. If you stop purchasing those shirts or cancel that purchasing contract from that Bangladeshi vendor, then remember that you have immediately made several families utterly destitute. Who is now going to feed them?

Read and ponder.

I quote:

Basudeb Maitra Basu, from the Organisation for Disadvantaged Children, a nongovernmental organisation, said: "No parents want to send their children to work, especially in hazardous conditions."
The UK's department for international development says more than 82 per cent of Bangldeshis live below $2 per day.
As a consequence, Basu says, families are "helpless" but to send their children to work.
"They send them to the factories to save their families. They know this is harmful to their kids but they don't have an alternative."

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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