Thursday, April 17

Blind woman refused access to pension

This is where I shake my head and wonder at whether people have lost hold of their marbles? how stupid can the guys be? I quote:

A blind woman has been living off her savings for a year after Post Office
staff refused to release her pension because they couldn't recognise her
signature, it emerged today.
Joan Hopton, 81, from Cheltenham,
Gloucestershire, has been unable to get her hands on £4,000 owed to her because
officials say her new signature is not close enough to her old one.
lost her pension card in May last year, but when she sent off for a replacement
she was told the name on her letter did not match the writing on the previous
One of her daughters, Jennifer Lewis, was told to get her mother to
call the company in person, but Mrs Hopton, who is also deaf, cannot use the

Read and fume.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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