Monday, April 14

School teachers killed in Somalia - future dimmed even more

The jihadi's know their weak point. It is education. More you educate your people, less are they able to be led like sheep. This is why liberal democratic nations have good strong opposition. And again, this is why autocratic countries generally tend not to invest that much in education. Also, let us not forget, for fanatics, education anything outside their narrow thoughts is useless. I am reminded of what the Taliban said, they do not need to know anything outside the Quran, and if there is anything outside the Quran, then if it was worth knowing, it would have been put inside the Quran. What can you do with a mentality like this? But look at what they did in Somalia...

I quote:

"We have discovered the dead bodies of three foreigners and the owner of the Hakab Private English School in the town this morning," said Ayanle Husein Abdi, a local resident.
Some locals said one of the slain Somalis had returned home to build a school and educate locals.

Well, what did I say about these neanderthals cannibalising their own?

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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