Wednesday, April 16

Why import imams from Pakistan? Jacqui Smith is an idiot

Jacqui Smith is the minister for Home Affairs. And guess what she did? She actually went all the way to Pakistan to import moderate imams. Ah! really? and HOW do you define moderate imams? And from Pakistan that too.. Couldnt she nip over to India where we do have moderate imams, imams who have spoken up against terrorism? Imams who have experience of living under secular rule. How about getting some sufis in? But more importantly, what the hell is a government doing recruiting religious leaders? This is the most bizzare thing I have read.

And here's a prediction, these exact mullahs and imams will end up creating more problems than they solve. Because they will be looked upon as government stooges, and the militants will ignore them. These medieval mullahs and imams generally have no idea about how to deal with a modern society and women so end up becoming more extremist anyway. Check out the various expose's, for example, the Channel 4 one, to see what happens when you import mullahs or get into the business of defining who or what is a moderate.

Secularism means that you keep away from this stuff, Minister, do not get involved.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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