Monday, April 14

Open glorification of assasins and terrorists in Canada

The Canadian police are considered to be a bunch of muppets is well known. They mess up terrorist investigations, they cannot prosecute properly, etc. etc. In my discussions in a Canadian Muslim mailing list, nobody had a good word to say about their police and political parties. Very very few had anything good to say about Canada, their police, political parties, their foreign policy, you name it. In fact, when i circulated a note about how thankful the world is to Canada for providing peacekeeping soldiers, it landed like a lead baloon and somebody commented that it was bad, specially in Afghanistan. Well, I am not surprised reading about this.

Terrorists and Assasins are openly glorified in Canada? I wonder what Canada stands for in the first place and second, what on earth is Canada doing while letting these terrorists run rampant in its territory? Jihadi's, Tamil Tigers, Khalistani's, you name it, they are infesting that country. Guys, see the example of the UK, you let these buggers run loose and they turn on you, and the first people they cannibalise will be the minorities themselves.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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