Sunday, April 13

How many Bhaskar Dasgupta's are out there?

Inspired by this article, I ran a Google search on my name "Bhaskar Dasgupta". My name is not exactly very common, but despite this, it seems like I am in august company. I share a name with (the top 20 pages only)

  1. Associate Professor in the Computer Science department at University of Illinois at Chicago
  2. Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
    Kanpur - India.
  3. Medical Doctor, is a consultant rheumatologist and honorary Professor at Essex University and Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Westcliff-on-Sea in the UK
  4. Director Horizon Companies.
  5. Somebody senior at AIG, USA.
  6. A Senior civil servant, Under Secretary to the Government of India.
  7. An alumni member of the Bengal Engineering & Science University.
  8. An artist.
  9. Secretary to the Chhandam Centre of Indian Culture.

Reminds me of a joke that my father told me. While he was studying in college, his friends came to pick him up to go to college and shouted his name from the road, "Dasgupta". My grandfather (a very erudite man, had a double MA in those early days of the last century...) came barreling out of the house and growled, "there are 30 Dasgupta's living here, which one do you want?"...

But, just see? we are not alone... (if I have missed anybody, please drop me a note...)

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1 comment:

bhaskar said...

Another namesake...Bhaskar Dasgupta...That's me.
I am a post-doctoral researcher in Osaka University, Japan.